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NetX Holdings Berhad is a technology public listed company on Bursa’s ACE market. Founded in 2000, NetX started off dealing primarily in the supply of network equipment and infrastructure. Fast forward to today, the company now pioneers the advancement of disruptive technologies through its subsidiaries in various industries: digital platforms, e-commerce and IT infrastructure among others.


In line with the company’s strategy and vision in rethinking possibilities, NetX focuses on existing innovative technologies by making it better with the goal of challenging the markets they operate in.



NetX firmly believes in its philosophy of finding new and better ways of doing things through technology. Its businesses are geared toward redefining and challenging established and conventional practices that bring value to the betterment of whole societies.

Business Philosophy 

Like any great philosophy, ours start with a question: How can something be done better? This fundamental opens up to the limitless possibilities for the re-development of systems by consistently taking them one step further. We believe in the harnessing of existing technologies that have the potential to disrupt conventional standards and change the landscape of industries.

Growth Strategy

•    Digital Payment Gateway, 
•    Digital Financial Services,
•    F&B and Entertainment E-Commerce Platform,
•    Technology Research & Development. 

We are a multi-faceted digitilisation enablement company that strive to provide hassle-free e-commerce platform and online payment gateway to effortlessly navigate the digital economy. We use combination of real-time business intelligence and smart data analytics systems to enable users to grow their digital business to better tailor the marketing strategies more effectively and efficiently.

Our digital financial service aims to revolutionise the online financial application, verification, and approval processes for the customers by applying AI and machine learning to strengthen the credibility of our platform.


NetX Tagline

Rethinking Possibilities


To challenge markets by driving innovation and consumer adoption that will bring greater value to societies


Disrupting existing industries through innovative technologies.

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