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GEMPay Payment Solutions
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Who are we?

Tapping into our decades of experience in the payment solutions and services industry, GEMPay Sdn Bhd brings refreshing insight to create new paradigms in the payment industry. Specialising in small and medium-sized businesses, we provide flexible, integrated and secured managed payment processing solutions to increase your businesses growth.

Information access, technological advances and smart devices have transformed business, consumer and shopper expectations and demands.

Consumers purchasing behaviour is changing quickly and dramatically.

This the age of cashless business and GEMPay is focusing and committed to provide consumers with an integrated, personalised, secure, open and smart shopping experience. Our managed payment solutions are designed to address the key enablers of cashless business including smart devices, open, scalable and secure infrastructure, integrated applications and actionable intelligence that drive new levels of personalisation to the payment process.

Let our innovative managed payment solutions and services help you to enable your customers to purchase from you, whenever and wherever they are and keep you current as commerce progresses

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The Cashless Business

As we edge closer to 2020, the economy has seen the gradual evolution of payments from banknotes to cashless mediums; from plastic payment cards to e-payment; and now to digital wallets. In fact, cashless payments have been around Malaysia for more than three decades.

Couple with the rapid digitalisation and automation of processes, the modern-day consumer now expects QUICK, CONVENIENT and SAFE methods of payment – a fundamental building block that enhances your customer’s buying experience and perception on your business.

At GEMPay, our business philosophy is simple:

“Greater customer satisfaction breeds greater businesses”.

GEMPay: Managed Payment Solution

GEMPay’s devotion to find the best combination of financial technologies and secure payment processes have led to the birth of a comprehensive “Managed Payment Solution”, that gives total control and convenience to you in your daily business transactions in the secured payment process.

GEMPay’s comprehensive managed payment solution is designed to give you complete control over your finances and operations, with its AllZ mPOS and together with other value-added offerings such as AllZ+ and AllZ 360°. This empowers you to have complete management efficiency and enhances greater customer satisfaction and decision-making process that leads to greater profit scales.

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Safeguard and boost your business with mPOS

Our mobile Point of Sale (mPOS) device is designed to be innovative and “future-ready” as it protects you from a market that is rapidly phasing out the use of banknotes towards the creation of a cashless society. It is also “Pin and Pay” enabled, a feature that will come in handy amid an industry-wide move to require PIN at Malaysian Point Of Sale (POS) – a customer verification code for credit, debit, charge and prepaid cards. Signature cards will gradually be phased out on Malaysia’s payment cards for domestic transactions from 1 July 2017 ( in line with Bank Negara’s policy.

How is GEMPay mPOS different from the others in the market?

In line with GEMPay’s vision of being a comprehensive managed payment solution provider, our AllZ mPOS offering enables you to monitor your transactions in REAL TIME with AllZ+ (a first-of-its-kind in Malaysia) and helps you bring your business from offline to online (O2O) with AllZ 360°.

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Experience greater control in the palm of your hands

Our AllZ+ mobile app – the first of its kind in Malaysia – will enable you to monitor your transactions across all mobile devices for a responsive experience. This means simplified bookkeeping, greater inventory control to avoid running out of stock, and streamlined processing for improved efficiency – giving you better control over your business like never before.

Looking to bring your business online? With AllZ 360° you can – easily. This cloud-based platform is designed specifically for merchants who are looking to tap into the limitless potential of online advertising – seamlessly expanding your business’ horizons in a world without boundaries.

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